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Wednesday, June 10, 2015
5-10 pm

Join us for a special celebration
of specialty beers and delicious
appetizers at all your favorite
Downtown eateries and pubs!

Tickets are on sale starting May 20!
$25! Participants will receive a souvenirpilsner-style glass. Tickets available from each participating establishment.

NOTE: You must be 21 or older to purchase/redeem tickets.

iiParticipating Establishments & Offerings

Ales Being Served
Hors D'oeurves
American Kitchen
207 Center Avenue
(989) 402-1366
  1. Red Ale - Rochester Mills Beer Company (Michigan)
  2. Milkshake Stout - Rochester Mills Beer Company (Michigan)  

Mac N Cheese with
AK's secret Cheese Sauce
1100 N. Water Street
(989) 891-1600
  1. Local's Light - Short's Brewing Company (Michigan)
  2. Huma Lupa Licious - Short's
    Brewing Company (Michigan)

Buffalo Chicken Dip and
Black Bean Corn Salsa
1019 N. Water Street
(989) 894-0772
  1. Sea Dog Blueberry - Sea Dog Brewing Company (Maine)
  2. Shipyard Export - Shipyard
    Brewing Company

To be announced
G's Pizzeria & Deli
1005 Saginaw Street
(989) 891-9400
  1. El Rojo Red Ale - Griffin Claw
    Brewing Company (Michigan)
  2. Lil' Sunshine –Latitude 42 Brewing Company (Michigan)

Four Cheese Pizza;
Jambalaya Pasta
Gatsby's Seafood & Steakhouse
203 Center Avenue
(989) 922-5556
  1. Sun Dog Ale - New Holland
    Brewery (Michigan)
  2. Creamy Dark - Leinenkugel
    Brewing Company (Wisconsin)

Seafood Chowder;
Cheesy Croquettes

Jake's Corner Bar
114 Third Street
(989) 895-9510
  1. Kinky Cocktails - City Brewing Company (Wisconsin)
  2. Alaskan Summer Ale - Alaskan Brewing Company (Alaska)

Sliders with Chips

Mulligan's Pub
109 Center Avenue
(989) 893-4555
  1. Two Hearted Ale -
    Bell's Brewery (Michigan)
  2. Canoe Paddler - Leinenkugel
    Brewing Company (Wisconsin)

Southwest Meatballs;
Chili Con Queso served
with Nacho Chips


Old City Hall
814 Saginaw Street
(989) 892-4140
  1. Arcadia Rapunzel - Arcadia
    Brewing Company (Michigan)
  2. Arcadia Sky High Rye -
    Arcadia Brewing Company

Chicken Satay - Tender Chicken Breast skewered and finished with a Thai peanut drizzle

Princess Wenonah
Departing on the
Riverfront from
Wenonah Park
(989) 893-1424
  1. Shandy Sampler (orange, grapefruit,lemon or cranberry
    ginger) - Leinenkugel Brewing Company (Wisconsin)
  2. Helles Yeah - Leinenkugel
    Brewing Company (Wisconsin)

Tropical Salad;
Spinach Artichoke Dip;


Riverfront Grille
at the DoubleTree Hotel

One Wenonah
Park Place
(989) 891-6000
  1. Vanilla Bean Porter -
    Paw Paw Brewing Company (Michigan)
  2. Citra Melon Session  I.P.A. -
    Paw Paw Brewing Company (Michigan)

Cucumber Melon Cold
Soup with fresh mint; 
Cappuccino Pound Cake
Truffle with Mocha Mousse


Stein Haus
1108 N. Water Street
(989) 891-2337
  1. Gluten Free Amber -
    Green's Brewery (Belgium)
  2. Weizen-Bock -
    Ayinger Brewery (Germany)
Bier Cheese;
Liver Sausage Spread;
Pickled Beet/Onion Salad


Striker's Sports Bar
1205 Washington Avenue
(989) 894-1000
  1. Oberon Ales - Bell's Brewery, Inc. (Michigan)
  2. Arcadia Whitson - Arcadia 
    Brewing Company (Michigan)
Supreme Pizza;
Meat Lovers Pizza


Tavern 101
101 Center Avenue
(989) 778-1431
  1. Detroit Pale Ale - Atwater
    Brewery (Michigan)

  2. Go To IPA - Stone Brewing
    Company (California)

Tenderloin Meatballs made with ground tenderloin and finished with chef made Basil Marinara Sauce

The Chambers
814 Saginaw Street
(989) 892-4140
  1. Poet Stout - New Holland
    Brewing Company (Michigan)
  2. Cow Catcher Red  Ale -
    Mountain Town Station Brewery (Michigan)

Jambalaya - Creole Style with chicken, sausage, bell peppers, onions stewed together with Creole seasonings, tomatoes and rice